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5T Small Multifunctional Manual Press



It has simple structure and excellent quality. It is mainly used for pressing bearings and hard matched workpieces.

Equipped with molds of different sizes, it can carry out punching, blanking, drawing, forming and other processes on sheet materials.

It is applicable to different fields of all walks of life, solves the traditional labor demand and improves production efficiency. It is a good helper for the factory.

The utility model has the advantages of firm structure, convenient operation, flexible action and


Product advantage:

Convenient installation and short longitudinal length.

Stable speed, fast and stable hydraulic rotation.

Stable operation, no oil pressure rise trouble.

Easy maintenance. Simple structure and easy cleaning.

The utility model has the advantages of simple use and easy output adjustment.


It is widely used in home appliance industry, electronic industry, clock industry, camera, micro motor and other manufacturing and parts assembly.

It is suitable for small parts direct pressing, forming, assembly, riveting, printing and other work requirements.