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YS-2260 High Precision Multifunctional Horizontal Desktop Mini Metal Lathe Brushless motor 1100W

Model YS-2260
Swing Over Bed 220mm
Swing Over Cross Slide 110mm
Distance Between Center 600mm
Width of Bed 100mm
Chuck Diameter 125mm
Spindle Bore 38mm
Spindle Taper MT5
Number of Spindle Speed Variable
Range of Spindle Speed 0-1500RPM / 0-3000RPM
Number of Metric Threads 8
Range of Metric Threads 0.5~2.5mm
Number of Inch Threads 10
Range of Inch Threads 10~44 T.P.I.
Range of Longitudinal Feeds 0.1mm/r
Tool Post 4-way
Top Slide Travel 55mm
Cross Slide Travel 75mm
Carriage Travel 476mm
Quill Travel 60mm
Quill Taper MT2
Motor Brushless 1100W, 110V/220V
Dimension of Machine 1055*339*345mm
Packaging Size 1120*490*400mm
N/G Weight 80/91.5KG

Product Description:

This precision micro lathe is designed to perform various types of metal turning.

The machine can be used in the fields of micro precision parts processing, sample processing and modeling.

Precision micro lathes are ideal for enthusiasts or modelers who want to add limited details to their construction projects.

This small lathe has automatic feed and chuck cover with microswitch. It is very suitable for laboratory, workshop, engineering and educational environments.

Product advantages:

When the switch is turned on, there is no need to worry about the potential safety hazard caused by touching the opening opportunity. For emergency shutdown, just press the red button.

Scale design, more accurate and professional operation.

The spindle speed can be controlled from about 0 to 1500 rpm by adjusting the speed switch.

Tailstock thimble, with scale, adjustable.

The machine is equipped with nylon gear, which is wear-resistant, durable, low noise and accurate rotation.


The machine is driven by DC motor.

It can be adjusted according to the requirements of different workpieces.

The balance at the end of bed saddle has high precision, more accurate fine adjustment of feed, and the sleeve scale is practical.

Automatic tools, stepless speed change, professional tool rack.

1100W strong power, 600mm processing distance, DIY processing metal and wood.

Machine Parameters:

Product Accessories:

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